Biodynamic Research Institute 

Research today for the future of agriculture 

Self-sufficient farms as a model and foundation for agriculture and society providing long-term, sustainable production of nourishing and healthy food.

I. Agriculture for soil fertility

1. Long-term field experiment with different types of manure (composted and non-composted manure with and without biodynamic preparation) to study effects on soil fertility, crop yield and quality in Skilleby, Södermanland. Read more

2. Long-term field experiment of soil fertility, nutrients and productivity in Önnestad, Skåne

3. Sustainable grassland with legumes Nibble gård and Sjögesta Södermanland

4. The preceding crop effect of grassland with legumes in organic farming Skilleby and Nibble, Södermanland

II. Agriculture for nutritious and healthy food

1. Development of methods to study the effect of cultivation on food quality

III. Agriculture for healthy oceans

1. Studies of plant nutrient balance and flow in agriculture and society. How to close cycles for a more efficient resource conservation, ways to minimize nitrogen and phosphorus load to the Baltic Sea and other oceans.  Ecological recycling agriculture in the Baltic Sea Region. Opportunities and difficulties with a transition to agricultural systems that can save soil, oceans, food and climate.

2. BERAS – Baltic Ecological Recycling Agriculture and Society (Building Ecological Regenerative Agriculture and Society

3. The impact of consumption on climate and environment

IV. Agriculture for a sustainable climate

1. How grassland with legumes (ley) and ruminants influences climate – case studies on biodynamic farms

V. Research about life processes

1. Development and use of picture formation methods to study the life processes in soil, manure and agricultural products